The sun, the life force of the universe, the same life force that causes your heart to beat, the life force that wakes you up every morning, inspires E.L.T.

Brining forth this life force into reality through the organic forces of Terra - EARTHQUAKE, LIGHTNING, AND THUNDER, shaking everything and leaving nothing unclean standing. These forces cannot be manipulated or changed by man.

The music is organic yet ancient. It is the expression of life experiences, where we have been and where we are going. It is a spiritual gift from the creator, not meant to be analyzed. To analyze this music is to be a pirate in one's own state of confusion. This music is unique. It comes from a divine source of inspiration where there is always light and flowers in bloom. It is innocent in its natural state.

Due to the backwardness and the anti-Christ nature of man, those who uphold and advocate that dispensation of reality are very offended. Those who love nature, who love JAH (God) an love the earth will find an OASIS in the desert to quench their thirst ... musically!

E.L.T. uplifts to the Four Corners of the Earth, and plays it to any race, color, class or creed, as long as the congregation is peaceful.

This music is the foundation of something that is yet to be manifested.

Blessings, Peace, and Happiness